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30 June 2011 @ 12:58 am

We are extremely sorry for forgetting to update this place!

Can't believe there is no post for June over here until the last day of it! (well, better late than never)


★ We finally got a new hard disk for our club house's PC!!!

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OK, now we recalled why we were kinda hiatus during May - June. It's cause we were tortured for having to back up all our data n' fixing hard disk issue (your PC is as good as nothing without it). But that does NOT mean we're inactive behind. IRL we're busy crazy! XD;

★ Something for the June babies~

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★ Sneak peak on our 『TERIMA KASIH』 Album Cover Artwork n' Design ♥

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FYI, our 『TERIMA KASIH』 Single Cover Artwork is different than the Album version.

[ x-posted: deviantart | facebook ]

In case you're wondering what's Single in the music world term (which I'm sure most of you are familiar with Album more), here's an explanation by us!

In music, (record) SINGLE is a type of release for a song, usually a main (most appealing) one, and it can either be accompanied by B-SIDE; bonus track(s) or just its Instrumental and/or Alternative (in mixes or languages) version(s). Its promoted song can also be included in an ALBUM. (but other tracks like B-SIDE might not) Or if an ALBUM is released first, the most popular song will be released separately making it as a SINGLE. Note, SINGLE version of song may vary of its ALBUM version, the purpose of making the SINGLE release special. (or that a song's style may change after a while)

★ We are revamping our Official Web Site as hard as we can!!
Currently concentrating on our CHARACTERS page - so you'll get to know more about us!
n' MEDIA page - doing our best to release our comics as online version there, including music previews!
Bookmark http://danceparty.at/rm2 or http://re-member2.webs.com/
(we are still trying to regain our domain...hosting complex, hope it'll be solved by July, man! can't believe we actually paid since THREE months ago, yet there's no respond from the company, need to solve this ASAP it's ridiculous! =/)

★ Surprisingly created some cool songs & music tracks during this roller coaster month! Heck, we didn't even release our first album yet, and our songwriting stuff are piling up, hahaha! Guess it's good in a way, although hectic, yeah that means we'll never run out of albums for you guys. =)

★ Due to popular demand, with the ♥ respond of our Spagetti Bolognese n' Punch Drink featured during MITCHEL's Totally Awesome B★Day Party 2011, we're putting together our 1st recipe book by NORMAN "MAN CAN COOK!". Be sure to get a copy of it when it's released! =9

★ We opened a gallery site:
Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/re_member2/
We'll upload more photos there than anywhere else (eg: Facebook). X)

★ Congratulations to our CAPTAIN (sagaranna) for winning the top 7 consolation prize! 2 months of free skating for her at the disco roller skating rink~

Terima kasih to y'all who helped voted for her!

★ Happy Summer Time to those living in the Northern Hemisphere!

We've been updating more on Tumblr than any other month. Ours is http://re-member2.tumblr.com/, if you also have one, you can follow us there! Gettin' the hang of it~ (except for reply...it's still kinda hard to comment n' navigate there for us =X)

★ Right, we've also been updating our Facebook more. (which we've NEVER done before! more like not used to it, the Page thingie) http://www.facebook.com/rhymember2 Like us there if you have an account at FB! Though starting next month, we feel like ceasing updates there n' channel more here n' at our upcoming revived blog at Blogger! Can't juggle too much stuff, let it be balanced for each month? Hehe~

We hope that'll make up for our lack of post here. (sorry for no LJ-cut =S) We know you might not often hear from us or see much stuff, but that means we're really working our asses off! Hopefully it'll freakin' pay off once everything comes nicely together...raaaarw!!

For latest updates from us, we're most active at http://twitter.com/re_member2
If you have Twitter, please follow us there!

Miss y'all, much much love all the way from Malaysia!
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19 May 2011 @ 08:49 am
It was a happy HAPPY sweet b★day for:

♥ VEL • 05月16日
- our beautiful amazing brilliant virtuoso guitarist idol

♥ SAGARA • 05月18日
- Re-Member² mastermind, terima kasih for the wonderful 6 years

Not forgetting, happy Teacher's day [05月16日] & Wesak day [05月17日] to those who celebrated it!
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24 April 2011 @ 01:50 am
☆ (early) b★day party to be exact! (2 days before my actual b★day)
☆ 25 awesome peeps came to get physical to celebrate with me!
☆ we partied like it was 1984~
☆ ...and I smudged my face with cake like I wanted to! ♥

Relive the Awesome 80's!Collapse )

Terima kasih to our friends n' neighbors who made it happen!!

And to those who could only made it spiritually, I felt your presence!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes too!!

Photos: Mitchel & Nora's cameras, Amal's camera, Eddie's camera, Ojamoja's camera.

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24 April 2011 @ 01:42 am
We apologize for our lack of updates since the last post!
(which was dated 6th March 2011 - nearly 2 months!)

It was during the world's tragic disasters: Japan's tsunami, earthquakes & nuclear problems; South America's floods; Libya's wars. Our prayers go to them, the unfortunate victims & their relatives!

Not only was our access to the internet was down, but it seemed that LiveJournal's server was too.

Because of LJ's recent error issues, we plan to re-activate alternative server(s) for our updates. Maybe Blogger, or somewhere else. The only stable news feed shall always be Twitter (@re_member2) for the time being, in case you don't see updates in here or at our other re-activated/new blog sites.

But it is okay now. We are all safe, and we are now ready to bombard you guys again with our updates soon!

We hope that you are doing all right too. Take care!! And God bless!!

Love from Malaysia,
06 March 2011 @ 01:57 pm
Rebel Members (Ré-Member²) - a secret sub-division of the R-M² (Re-Member - member) club under anti-crime volunteer patrol by the main guy characters.

Mitchel Danz Jaya is codenamed R-M-3 (R-M-Tiga) in this group. His nickname in this group is Rebel Moonkey/Rebel Moonyet. He serves as the Defense Captain; Second Leader In Command; Decoy; Danz Master.

Mitchel's Rebel Members theme type 1

This track will be included in 『REBEL MEMBERS』 album. The music is uncanny as compared to the mellowness of their band's debut songs. (eg: 『TERIMA KASIH』 album)

It is one of the earliest music recorded in production, so forgive us for the low volume quality, as this is meant as a (street) demo.
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06 March 2011 @ 01:13 pm
After MITCHEL learnt from HANA on how to say "Thank You" in Bahasa Malaysia from school, he went home and checked his dictionaries. He wanted to research the literal meaning of the combined words "terima" and "kasih". He first thought "terima" meant as "thank" and "kasih" as a different way of saying "you". Turns out that "terima" alone means "receive; accept; approve" and "kasih" is "love; affection; kindness". He was impressed and touched that he decided to use "terima kasih" often, especially towards HANA. Ever since that discovery, he claims "Terima Kasih" to be the most beautiful "thank you" he has ever heard or known.

Instrumental version: Synthesizer 1.
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Translation included!!Collapse )

Harap maaf atas kelewatan!! Bulan lepas, kami terlalu sibuk dengan sesi rakaman video!! m(_ _)m
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Hear goes!!Collapse )

So sorry for the late post here!! We were too caught up with videoshoots last month!! m(_ _)m
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06 March 2011 @ 09:36 am

►『TERIMA KASIH』 single's B-Side『DON'T FADE AWAY』 will be released on White Day【2011年03月14日】!
(among with more『TERIMA KASIH』 media)

►『TERIMA KASIH』 album release date is to be announced.

► The feel of this photo resembles 『SEE FOREVER』, the 1st track list in the upcoming『TERIMA KASIH』 album.

Last month have been involved in video shooting!! This month will concentrate more on mixing songs!!

Happy March!

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